What is Next Generation Sequencing NGS

Couple of years ago, one could only imagine the sequencing of the whole human genome. But with the advent of Next Generation Sequencing NGS, it only a matter of hours for the whole human genome to be sequenced. This technology has revolutionized healthcare including ART.

In ART, NGS is used in preimplantation Genetic Testing either for Aneuploidy or Monogenic Disorders.
A procedure where the genome of an embryo is being sequenced before transfer. This way, the ploidy state of the embryo is ascertained prior to embryo transfer. On the instance of couple who are carrier of a known Monogenic disorder like cystic fibrosis, thalassemia, sickle cell etc, this technology is used to check the genotype of the embryo before transfer.

Prior to 2019, this procedure were only carried out in developed countries. However, currently, Nigeria pride herself to be amongst those who are in the league of nations leading in this procedure thanks to the like of Kingswill Specialist Hospital.

Through PGTA, the gender of an embryo is known. This procedure gives couples the opportunity of selecting their desired gender/ family balancing.
It should however be noted that this procedure is cost effective.

Women with advanced maternal age who must have been experiencing miscarriages are candidates of this procedure as studies suggest that 50% of miscarriages during first trimester are linked to chromosomal abnormalities. And 60% of miscarriages of advanced maternal age women undergoing IVF are linked to chromosomal abnormalities,
Which is to say PGTA is recommended for women with advanced maternal age undergoing IVF.

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